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The sports program is central to the educational offering at Harrow New York.

Through participation in a wide range of sports throughout their time at the School, Harrovians reap the proven physical and mental benefits of regular exercise, while learning about teamwork and leadership, and how to conduct themselves with integrity.

Sport at Harrow New York is for all. Led by Beaks and supported by a wide range of professional coaches, there is something for everyone, whether trying a new sport for the first time, developing existing skills or training for competition at the highest level.

A host of internal competitions and an extensive program of inter-school fixtures means that boys and girls at Harrow New York have ample opportunity to compete for their House or their School, in addition to the abundant opportunities for recreational sport throughout the week.

Boy about to kick ball in a game of soccer
Male student running as part of a race

The School’s location, surrounded by over 100 acres of playing fields and parkland and nestled on the shores of the Great South Bay, means that its students have access to an extensive and growing number of different sports.

On-site facilities offer soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, squash, netball and lacrosse, along with a newly-updated gymnasium and a dedicated strength and conditioning suite. With ready access to nearby facilities for swimming, golf, sailing and horseback riding among others – and ambitious plans to build further on-site facilities in the coming years, including an aquatics centre and boathouse – there really is sport to suit every taste and ability.