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A student and a House Master engaged in a lively conversation

Whether students choose to be weekly or full boarders at Harrow New York, living at School allows them to maximize the myriad opportunities available.


Indeed, many students who live within commuting distance of the School choose to board, to make the most of the vast array of super-and co-curricular activity that Harrow New York fits in to its extended school day, as well as to gain the fullest benefit from the unique community of the boarding house.

young boy sitting on couch and smiling

All boarders have easy access, unconstrained by travel time, to the breadth of activities that take place beyond formal academic teaching each day, while full boarders benefit from a full program of fun and enriching pursuits at weekends, with all that the School’s unique campus has to offer, and the opportunities of New York’s theatres, museums and galleries just a short journey away.

Students enjoying a meal in school
Few students studying in a boarding house