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House System

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The House is central to every student’s life at Harrow New York.

Each House’s vertical structure breaks down any barriers between year groups, allowing for friendships to form naturally within the smaller community of the House group and for younger students to benefit from the experience of those further along. Each House caters to both boarding and day students, allowing a single, cohesive community to form, irrespective of whether a student resides at the School. Students remain in the same House throughout their school career, which allows strong and lasting bonds to develop.

Group of male and female students discussing notes around a circular table

Each House has its own unique character and distinct community. While respecting that individuality, we ensure that each House has a diverse range of students in terms of their talents, interests and backgrounds. There is a broad range of inter-House competitions - and students’ loyalties are never more clearly in evidence than when competing for the honor of their Houses.

The House is also the primary structure through which our pastoral and academic oversight operates. A dedicated and experienced team in each House of House Master or House Mistress, Matron, Assistant House Master or Mistress, and House Tutors ensures a visible and approachable adult presence at all times and means that every student is known as an individual.


The House Master or House Mistress is the primary point of contact for parents and, with the support of the wider House team, maintains a full overview of every student’s progress and wellbeing. They encourage and nurture, and intervene with additional support where necessary.

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